Wednesday, September 16, 2015

DIY Nursery lampshade cover

Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite parts of our guy's nursery - the little lamp on his bookshelf.  We actually got this lamp for free from a college friend who was moving out of his apartment years ago.  We have two of them and they looked like this: 

Perfectly functional and hubs loved it because it was free.  And I kept it because I couldn't justify not and I really did love the shape of it and knew that we would use it.  I just didn't love the shade.  That said, I never got around to recovering it or buying a new shade because the lamp just served its little purpose in the guest room and that was that.  

But, since I wanted to use it in the nursery, I sat down one Friday night for a little craft session and wrapped that thing right up into a perfectly suitable nursery lamp.  And I love it.  

The first thing I did was tape together lots of copy paper - 16 sheets to be exact and I was shocked at how much paper it took.  Second, I laid the shade down on its side - note:  NOT like it is in the picture above, but actually on its side.  

Next, I traced each side, flipping as I went.  You can see how each side comes out after tracing above.  I traced it with pencil and then cut out the template.  

I picked up a fabric shower curtain from Target because I just love the bright colors and then traced the pattern on the back of the fabric.  I used a regular office pen, but a sharpie would have probably made the lines easier to see.  As you can tell (and I think this is really important), I left almost an inch around each edge as a little margin for error either with tracing or cutting.  

Next step, cut out your pattern and begin gluing.  I used a hot glue gun and I really recommend starting on an edge of the lamp rather than the center.  (Notice the Bojangle's in the background - perfect for craft nights...)

As you are gluing, you'll want to continue to pull fabric around to make sure you keep it straight.  I actually had to pull one side off in the middle of the process because it was getting crooked and I didn't realize it.  Also, smooth as you go.  Just take my word for it.  

And once you've glued it all down, you've got yourself a fun little lamp.  

Of course you could do this in a more sophisticated, grown up fabric if you'd like and I actually saved one of the lamps for just that.  But for now, I am loving how this lamp looks in the babe's room!

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