Friday, September 18, 2015

Our 2015 Fall Mantel

If you've been around here since the beginning, you might remember our fall mantel from the first year we were in our house. I was so excited to have a mantel and to decorate it that I went a little crazy at HomeGoods aka one of my favorite places to shop and bought all the fall decorations.  And it was fun.  

We also decorated last year, but I was slacking and didn't write about it.  And since then, I've adopted a little more neutral, year round, everyday mantel that frankly, I really enjoy.  It's full of white and cream, and neutrals and metallics.  It looks like this: 

For me, it's simple enough and I've enjoyed it.  (especially little one's ultrasound pic from his anatomy still my beating heart)

Remember these vases
 This year though, since I spent quite a bit of time it felt like waiting for the babe's arrival, and the weather took a wonderfully surprising turn toward fall, I decided to pull out some of those old decorations and spruce the mantel up for the season.  It was basically a now or never decision, since I was pretty sure I wouldn't be concerned about fall decor when I had a fun little one to snuggle.

We didn't do anything too crazy.  Just pulled out my favorite little ceramic pumpkin and wooden acorn, tucked the silver jars away for the time being, and added a couple of sprigs of color.  Not too shabby, but still quite simple.  

I eventually added the wooden harvest plaque from my original fall mantel and stuck it there as well along with some orange leaves for more color.  I haven't fully decided which I prefer, but the wooden plaque is still there, so maybe that?

I figured I share a couple close ups of each of the little corners.  The first is this little ceramic pumpkin (which I actually forgot about last year until I was transitioning to Christmas decorations.  I was sure to save it WITH the acorn this year, so it wouldn't get lost!

And last but not least, my little acorn.  I really enjoy this little guy!

We're also using the same fall wreath we've had for several years.  It's still going strong though, so I don't have plans to toss it.  It might get a little makeover at some point, but until then, it's hanging right out on our door - another year strong!
Details here. 

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