Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pregnancy update: How is our due date this weekend?

Y'all.  Do you remember this?  We were just 8 weeks pregnant.  It seems like so long ago and yet not at the same time.  

Flash forward to 2 weeks ago and here we are at 38 weeks.  

And again a week ago at 39 weeks.  

Of course, as you know, I had lots of intentions of updating regularly, but frankly, things have been a whirlwind over here.  We've been packed with visits with friends and family, and trying to get all the little details ready for the babe's arrival.

And I can't actually believe that our little one could be joining us at literally any moment these days.  Our technical due date is on Saturday and I've been between 2-3 cm for the last week.  No other signs of labor or anything crazy to report though, so our guy could come tomorrow, or he could just hang tight in there for a couple more weeks.

Looking back on the last 40 weeks though, I feel really excited to meet our son soon and also nervous for all the unknown that is to come.  It went by so fast.  I'm also thankful to have had what I would consider a relatively easy pregnancy.  I had "morning sickness" about 5 times in the first trimester - all at night and never at work - except the one time I threw up in the car about .25 miles away from home while I was driving and couldn't get over and it was gross.  But I don't think about that often.

I've had leg cramps that have woken me up at night or early in the morning, but not regularly and I think I've figured out how to get rid of them quickly when they come up, so we're good now.

I had heartburn quite a bit actually that seemed to be triggered by nothing in particular.  But it never affected my sleep and I never needed to take medicine for it.

And now in the very last weeks, my feet are becoming more swollen especially if I don't put them up during the day - which is annoying.  Hubs painted my toenails for me recently which was just wonderful because I can't reach them anymore.

And I am starting to have a lot more trouble moving around.  It's harder to get out of bed in the mornings or bend over to get anything.  But really, I can't even complain about that.  There is a full term kid in there.

So here we are.  Waiting for our little one.  He is so loved already and I am so excited to meet him and see his little face in person.  There is a very strange tension that we've got going on over here between wanting to sleep and then waiting around knowing that he could decide to make an appearance at any time.

Soon enough though, little one.  Soon enough.

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  1. There is literally nothing in this world like holding your newborn baby. I am so excited for you!! Hope your delivery is as easy as your pregnancy! Good luck!


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