Friday, October 2, 2015

On conduits and buckets

It's October already.  How did that even happen?  Time is going by so quickly.

For today's post, I'd like to share a little something that has been on my mind a lot recently:  conduits and buckets.  But first, I'd like to share what trusty Google has to say about the definition of both:


We know this of course - a bucket is something that holds things.  It stores up, if you will.  You can fill a bucket full of all sorts of things if you'd like.  

A conduit on the other hand should not be filled up.  It is only for transmitting things from one place or person to the next.  In fact, by definition, if the conduit was full, it would not be functioning correctly, because how could something get through it if it was stuffed?  

I'm thinking about these things in light of an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our friends and neighbors and co-workers and families over the past few months as we have prepared for and welcomed our little one into the world.  A pastor of ours once said something that has stuck with me since.  That is, that we should be conduits and not buckets of our blessings.  I think it is a similar sentiment to "blessed to be a blessing" which is essentially that we shouldn't hoard up our blessings and things which we've been given for the sake of just our own benefit, but that we should be conduits instead.  Blessing others because we have also been blessed.  

Whether it has been with gifts, money, hand-me-downs, meals (oh, the meals...the delicious meals) time, conversation, well-wishes, and prayers, we have seen more and more how blessed we are.  We are surrounded by truly wonderful people who we love and who love us back.  

We are so thankful.

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And this makes me think of all the things that we ultimately have to be thankful for (which is a lot).  But most importantly, it makes me think of mercy and grace.  And the most wonderful gift that we've been given which is salvation through Christ.  

The Bible tells us in Romans 5:8 that Christ demonstrated his love for us in this, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  That is, when we were his enemies.  Not his friend or his co-worker, but his enemy.  When we were at our weakest, that is the moment that he rescued us.  And we didn't deserve it.  

And I don't want to just be a bucket for this kind of love.  I want to be a conduit.  After all, what do we actually have that we did not receive? I want to hold onto things loosely so that they can be transferred easily to others in their time of need.  This is why we talk about stewardship around here.  Keeping a mindset of stewardship and not ownership over the things with which we've been entrusted helps hold these things loosely.  

So what about you? Will you also be a conduit?  

*I feel like I should also acknowledge that I realize this example breaks down in that buckets can also be used to carry things, dumped out and filled up again.  Just go with me here.  It's only an example.  

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