Friday, October 30, 2015

Welcoming our Little: a birth story

It's crazy to think that we welcomed our Little over a month ago at this point.  Now that I am feeling someone human again, I figure it's high time to share his birth story on le blog.  Before that though, I should go ahead with a little disclaimer that as handsome as our boy is, I don't intend on sharing lots of photos of him solo in my little corner of the internet.  Not because I don't think you'd love them (you would), but because they're his photos and he's too little to decide to have them made public.  We've got our own handwritten journal that we keep for him to document fun things about his days as a family.  I'd like to keep the blog (at least as it relates to mothering) focused on things that I'm learning (and it's a MAJOR learning curve over here), and family stories.

So there's that.

Our little was due on September 12.  It was a Saturday, and that would have been perfectly ideal - especially for family to come and visit.  But of course, Saturday came and went with no sign of labor.  I really didn't experience many signs of labor until it started.  No real Braxton Hicks, nothing.
The following Wednesday, though, I woke up and was feeling a little bloated and crampy.  I had a gut feeling that that would be the day.  We had an afternoon appointment at the OB and I was feeling confident that labor would begin soon.  At the doctor, we found out that I was about 90% effaced and about 4 cm dilated.  We decided I would come in on Friday if there was no change, and I could tell that the doctor thought we had a big guy in there.

Later that night, I started having pretty consistent cramps that I could tell were contractions.  (I assumed they were contractions because I could feel them peak and they were fairly consistent, albeit spread far apart.)  I told the hubs that we needed to clean the house and get to bed early because it was happening.

Expect we didn't really sleep.  At 12:30 am, I called the doctor who advised me to try to stay home for about another hour or so, but that we should plan to come to the hospital.  So we waited until 1:30 and headed out.  We were in triage by 1:45.

Labor wasn't terrible.  I took some medicine by IV that knocked me out and let me get an hour of sleep and then continued labor until about noon.  My contractions were never unbearable, though quite painful, because I had an expectation of pain and I could feel them peaking so I knew the end was coming each time.  After about 5 hours, the nurse convinced me to get an epidural (convinced is used loosely here, since she just confirmed that it would help speed things up and it wouldn't be terrible), after which the doctor came in a broke my water and started a slow drip of pitocin.  I was  6 cm at this point.

I didn't feel any of the contractions after that point, though I could see them on the monitor.  Two hours later, we were pushing.

And I could feel that.  Not so much in a painful way but in a WOW, THAT IS SO MUCH PRESSURE AND IT DOESN'T STOP way that lasted for just under an hour.  I just kept asking the nurse if she could see him, and she kept confirming she could see more and more of him.  We only had the doctor, nurse, and hubs in the room and they were the most awesome team to have around me.

And after all that, I delivered our little 9 lb, 2 oz and 22 inch long boy at 2:41 PM.  I immediately burst into tears and my life has never been the same.

I love all the things about that boy.  And I love to be his mom.  And I love to watch my husband be his dad.  And now that we're almost 2 months in, I know why they say that time moves more quickly when you have kids.

I want to remember it all.  

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