Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hello there my long lost lovies!  You thought I'd forgotten all about the little blog, didn't you?  (That's ok, you'd be a little right if you did.)

What really happened is a lot of things around the Thrift for Today house that I've been dying to share publically, but have wanted to have time to get all my ducks in order and share privately ahead of time.

all great changes are preceded by chaos quote
Some changes are simple.  I got a new phone, and only my personal email is synced, so I haven't been getting email alerts on the blog email.  Oops... 

We hung a ceiling fan in our living room.  Remember that was on the to-do list?  Well, we did it and it makes a HUGE difference in the space especially this time of year!

We took a vacation to the Caribbean and I don't know if I'd call it simple, but it's not really private (and I have great photos that I'm excited to share!)

But most importantly, we're pregnant!  Well, I'm pregnant.  Hubs is not pregnant.  Though, it would be accurate to say that we're both "expecting".  We're 24 weeks along, to be exact.  

And really, it's the single most current thing on my mind and it's been hard to write anything on the blog without just bursting with the big news, but we wanted to be able to tell our family  and friends in person to the extent that we could, so we've been spending lots of weeks sharing the good news.  

So now I can share it with you!  We are thrilled.  We are beyond excited.  We are full of anticipation and to-do lists. 

Just 8 weeks along.  This seems like ages ago....and none of those clothes fit anymore.