Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Our Little One is Here!

Hey there, blogland!

I'm happy to report that our little bundle of joy has made his grand entrance into the world almost 2 weeks ago and we are in love.

This is actually the first time I've gotten on the computer since his birth so don't have a ton to post just yet - but figured I should share rather than going totally quiet over here.

All of us are doing well, albeit tired.  And mama is looking forward to finding a routine soon.

It's crazy that we have been parents for almost 2 weeks.  We actually started keeping a journal each day to jot down highlights and reflections from each day.  I want to remember all of these little times.
Dad is going back to work this week and I am nervous about it.

What a learning curve - but one that we are happy to be on.  :)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Our 2015 Fall Mantel

If you've been around here since the beginning, you might remember our fall mantel from the first year we were in our house. I was so excited to have a mantel and to decorate it that I went a little crazy at HomeGoods aka one of my favorite places to shop and bought all the fall decorations.  And it was fun.  

We also decorated last year, but I was slacking and didn't write about it.  And since then, I've adopted a little more neutral, year round, everyday mantel that frankly, I really enjoy.  It's full of white and cream, and neutrals and metallics.  It looks like this: 

For me, it's simple enough and I've enjoyed it.  (especially little one's ultrasound pic from his anatomy still my beating heart)

Remember these vases
 This year though, since I spent quite a bit of time it felt like waiting for the babe's arrival, and the weather took a wonderfully surprising turn toward fall, I decided to pull out some of those old decorations and spruce the mantel up for the season.  It was basically a now or never decision, since I was pretty sure I wouldn't be concerned about fall decor when I had a fun little one to snuggle.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

DIY Nursery lampshade cover

Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite parts of our guy's nursery - the little lamp on his bookshelf.  We actually got this lamp for free from a college friend who was moving out of his apartment years ago.  We have two of them and they looked like this: 

Perfectly functional and hubs loved it because it was free.  And I kept it because I couldn't justify not and I really did love the shape of it and knew that we would use it.  I just didn't love the shade.  That said, I never got around to recovering it or buying a new shade because the lamp just served its little purpose in the guest room and that was that.  

But, since I wanted to use it in the nursery, I sat down one Friday night for a little craft session and wrapped that thing right up into a perfectly suitable nursery lamp.  And I love it.  

The first thing I did was tape together lots of copy paper - 16 sheets to be exact and I was shocked at how much paper it took.  Second, I laid the shade down on its side - note:  NOT like it is in the picture above, but actually on its side.  

Monday, September 14, 2015

On decorating the nursery

One the things I was most excited for during our pregnancy was decorating the nursery.  Basically as soon as we found out we were having a boy, I grabbed the alligator canvas prints up from Home Goods and just knew that we would have an alligator themed nursery.  I didn't want to repaint the walls, since we had just painted them about a year ago and they are a neutral enough color that I really liked.  

But, then I saw that sweet little whale canvas in Hobby Lobby and loved it too and I didn't want to get rid of our map on the wall, so I ended up just filling the nursery with things that I liked rather than just one theme.  

And to be honest, I prefer it that way (notice all our college pictures still on the wall...).  I love all the bright colors and that we won't end up with tons of themed things to change out once the baby grows bigger.  The result?  Not so pinterest-esque, but totally warm and comfy like the rest of our home, so we like it.  :)

And we finished it without spending a ton.  The crib is actually the one I slept in, just cleaned up, the bookshelf was already in the room with lots of books from our own childhoods plus some new books from friends, a lamp that was an old college friend's, etc.  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pregnancy update: How is our due date this weekend?

Y'all.  Do you remember this?  We were just 8 weeks pregnant.  It seems like so long ago and yet not at the same time.  

Flash forward to 2 weeks ago and here we are at 38 weeks.