Monday, February 15, 2016

Baby's Favorite Things - Part 1

I cannot believe (and I repeat cannot believe) that our Little is almost 5 months old!  I love watching him grow and learn so much each and everyday.  Today I'm sharing some of the things that he has really loved playing with these days.  Most of this, he was using at 3 months - although he has transitioned out of the swaddle at this point. 

First of all, let's be real about the first three months.  Lots of eating, sleeping, pooping, and repeating.  But man oh man, how totally different it is by the third month!  I posted before about how hard I thought the first 2 weeks were, and I still think that is true and I was not exaggerating over here.  But, babies grow so quickly and it is incredible how quickly (relatively) mamas adjust.  These are some of the things that our Little has been loving recently.  (As I'm typing this, I'm thinking of about 5 other things that should be added to this list, so we're going to have to do a Part 2 on this.  Bear with me.

1. Oball Toy Ball 
Oh, how we love this toy.  It is small enough for littles to hold it and turn it all around - which is great since it rattles.  Our little also loves trying to get it to his mouth and bite it.  He can't bite a 4 inch ball though, so there is a lot of drool that tends to ensue.  He loves it and we love to watch him. 

2. Activity Gym
He's been with this since early early days.  We love that there are such bright colors and hanging toys that he can grab and play with.  He is really starting to love this these days since he can roll on the mat and pull the toys that he wants to play with. 

3. Wubbanub Pacifier and Lovey 
I was a little skeptical about this one.  To be honest, it just seemed a bit pricey for a pacifier to me before we had our little.  But, on this side of things, I think it is well worth it.  The little stuffed animal acts not only as a lovey for baby, but also gives little hands something to hold onto when using the pacifier and provides just enough weight that it helps hold the pacifier in place.  We use this in the car and for naps.  Our little gets so excited when we offer the wubbanub to him.  He loves it so much and frankly, we love to see him love it.

4. Sophie the Giraffe Teether 
Sophie, like the wubbanub, struck me as a little pricey, but now that we have her, I'm so thankful!  She is fun to manipulate with little hands.  She's billed as being stimulating for all five senses, but because he's at that stage, our little just loves to chew her.  Imagine sweet sweet Little chewing on those giraffe feet.  Fun for him and way too cute for mama.  

5. Halo SleepSack Swaddle
 This was a total game changer for us.  Not even kidding - I attribute a good chunk of the little's good night time sleep these days to this thing.  I cannot swaddle enough to keep arms in with just a swaddle blanket.  I registered for swaddle blankets and got them and like them for blankets, but I cannot swaddle.  Little would get his hands out in a minute, startle himself, and we'd have to start the sleep process again.  Not so with the velcro on this sleepsack swaddle.  Arms were in, but not too tight, legs were free to kick around, and our little started to sleep like a dream.  I highly recommend this for new mamas.  Like, very highly recommend.  Like, do without some of the toys and get this if you have to recommend.  It was that serious for us.  It made a huge difference.  (We're out of the swaddle now and into regular sleep sacks since Little has started to roll over.)

6. Sound Machine
We love this sound machine by myBaby.  It has several white noise and lullaby sounds, but it stays on the "ocean" sound in our house.  We rotate the fun projection inserts and Little loves to watch them when I change his diaper during the night, or before bed.  We use the projection feature like a nightlight and only turn it on when we need to get up.  The noise has been great to have nearby when he is sleeping, not only does it help trigger that it's time to sleep, but it blocks out sudden noises around the house that might otherwise startle him.  (We've actually gotten so used to it that it makes hubs and I sleepy, too!)

7. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy
It's a rattle, and a teether, and a sensory toy all in one.  One of my sisters got this for Little for Christmas and it has quickly become a favorite!  He loves to play with it and can hold all the different parts of it in his little hands.  It's also great because he can fit it easily into his mouth without any danger.  Which he likes and I like.  We haven't put it in the fridge just yet because I haven't noticed any teeth cutting, but it is refrigerator friendly when that time comes.

Five months, people, five joy filled months.  We're in a fun stage now.  Little is growing stronger everyday and it is so fun to watch him learn.  He has started learning to roll over and to play with his little toes.  We start solid foods in a month.  Be still my heart.  I love these little days so much.

Any ideas for the next few months of favorite things?  Mamas, I'm looking at you - what did your littles love during this time?

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  1. Our boys had a lot of these as favorites too! We especially loved the play gym and Sophie. Sophie is pricey but she was the only teether my older son would use and he chewed on her tons!

  2. We love Sophie. I wouldn't have bought her myself, but now that we got her as a gift, I am so thankful that we have her! She gets played with every single day!

  3. Hannah is crazy about all these! I've been thinking about getting a love for Hannah's pacifier too.

    1. He loves it! Unfortunately, we lost Sophie coming home from storytime at the library. We're all sad about it and might be having to get a new one in the near future.

  4. My daughter loved these too at that age. Although I've never heard of a Winkel toy. It looks fun! And my daughter still has her wubbanubs. We call them wubbies and we cut the pacifiers off, but she still sleeps with them!

    1. Thanks or stopping by! I had never heard of the winkel either until my sister gave it to us for Christmas - great little toy!


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