Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New goals for a new season

Well friends, we're almost two weeks into this new stay at home mom season and I am in love.  That said, I also can see how important it is to find some sort of routine for your family when you're at home.  I'm a list person, but I think you know that by now, so it should come as no surprise that I've made a list of new goals for this new season. 

I decided to keep the list short and manageable, but there are of course lots of other little things that fall on each day's "to-do" list, but those are simple and everyday and while they are off-shoots of these goals, I wanted my goal list to be a little bit deeper than "pick up toys" (which I only sometimes do). 

But, I really do want to embrace this new season for more than just time to sit on the couch, or scroll through social media feeds while I'm at home, so it was important for me to keep these goals in mind in my decision to stay home. 

I'd love to hear what others do each day or how you find your routine to keep the house running smoothly. 

Be more intentional about meeting with God through prayer and bible study. 
I don't think that working is an excuse to not be intentional about this, but I think that especially since I'm home, it is essential that I build this in as a regular part of our day.  I was challenged recently by one of my small group girls to consider not only "reading the bible" as something to do, but to consider that we actually have the opportunity to meet with God.  That maybe the reason many of us find it so hard to be disciplined in prayer and bible study is because we are approaching it the wrong way.  Maybe we are wanting to learn more (not a bad thing), or to just check it off the list, without really believing that God will show up and meet us there.  How much more quickly would we be to get in the Word if everyday, we believed that God would show up?  Because he will show up.  And I really need him to.  My family needs him to.  So, each morning when the Little goes down for his nap, I've been spending some time praying over our home and our family and our friends and being in the Word.  This is my top goal for a reason - because I really believe that it is essential.

Eat healthier and get moving. 
The little is trying all kinds of solid foods these days - mostly fruits and veggies - which is exciting.  And since I make his baby food, that means that I'm finding myself in the produce section more often and having to think about what new veggies we will have any given week.  Also, since I'm home, I don't have to pack my lunch everyday, so I can really buy good things and keep them here at home to have healthy options all day long.  I take the responsibility to instill healthy habits in our little seriously and a big part of that is nutrition.  I'm also trying to get myself back in shape post-partum, so this is helpful to that end as well.  I want us to eat well and then get out and get moving.  I'm using my runkeeper app a lot more frequently and trying to go for at least one walk a day around the neighborhood and to the gym on the weekends when hubs can watch the little.  (I plan to start taking him with me to the gym once he is more mobile, which I think will be helpful.)  I'm trying to find the best time to take him to the park to play since he naps in the morning and late afternoon these days.

Create house routines/organization systems for our home. 
This is just simply about having order in the home.  It's important to me while I'm home to use the weekdays effectively so that we can have as much family time together to relax as possible.  That said, it's easy to spin your wheels if you don't have a plan to tackle the house chores.  I'd love to get into some predictable routine over here so that we all know what's happening when.  It would be really helpful to be able to have as many of our family errands done during the week so we can enjoy family time or projects that require hubs on the weekends. 

What is my new ministry?
And finally, although I'm not sure if this is a goal so much as the others are, I'd like to spend some time to figure out how I can be most useful to others during my time at home.  What is my new ministry?  I've got lots of ideas that involve spending time with other stay at home or work from home moms, being available to help watch friends kids when they need, maybe just a ministry of prayer in praying for friends and situations, etc.

So there's that.  I'd also like to get back into consistently blogging and have about 5 different posts written in my head that need to make their way to the site soon, but I just haven't had time.  It's one of my goals for the year, but I didn't add it specifically as a new goal for this season, since my focus really is on these I've listed here.  BUT, I do want to share with you all.  So, stick around for more pieces of this and that as I'm able to post them. 

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