Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What We Wore: Skinny jeans and wedge sandals

I have a little confession to make.  I'm tired of a lot of my clothes.  I need some help.  I need some inspiration.  It occurred to me recently - when I tried to squeeze my post-partum bod back into some old shorts of mine that while the number on the scale is finally back down to where it was pre-Little, I've got some work to do to get back into some of my old clothes still.  Then I realized that the last time I wore those shorts was the spring/summer of 2014 since last summer I was in maternity clothes that I borrowed, so I was really just living it up with my friends' style (which is awesome by the way).  So here we are.  I also realized that I used to live in dresses when I didn't know what to wear this time of year.  But I'm still breastfeeding, and frankly, that just wasn't a consideration when I purchased any of the dresses in my closet. 

I finally pulled together an outfit that I felt really good in and thought of taking some photos, then I realized that it was an almost identical outfit to a post I made back in the yester-years of the blog.  And then one of my sisters rolled up to the house for Easter lunch looking totally fab, and I had to stop myself from asking her to trade clothes with me.  Only kind of kidding.  She was looking great and wearing colored pants - which are so on trend and out of her former comfort zone so I was basically oohing and ahhing over her style these days.  And she convinced me to wear wedges with my skinny jeans, so props to her.

So today's post is featuring one of my sisters and celebrating her style and reminding myself that I want to go shopping with her soon.  Love you, Miss!

I also want to add, that the main point of these posts is to find inspiration in our own, regular closets and to help remember outfits that I really do love that I already have.  That said, I am feeling the itch for a major wardrobe update.  I want things that look well put together, but are comfortable and practical.  And at least for the next 6 months allow me to easily nurse the Little when I need to.

Nursing mamas - tell me your secrets.  Any other mamas have wardrobe woes post partum?

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  1. Cute!! I love wedges. They are so much more comfortable than heels and are flattering too. You two look great.:)


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