Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stripes on Stripes - transitional weather

Y'all.  I cannot even believe how quickly this year is flying by.  It's true what they say that time flies by way more quickly when you have kids and frankly, I knew it but now I really know it.  Our little will be 8 months old this week - which sounds a lot closer to one year that it does being a little baby.  That said, I do pick him right up to me almost everyday and tell him that I'm going to hold him like a little baby.  Then I just kiss that sweet neck and tickle those little sides and he laughs and laughs.  I eat it up.  Every single time.

And since that's what most of my days consist of these days, I'm rocking the mom pony-tail on the regular.  Don't worry, I'm still washing my hair and even drying it, but I haven't pulled out a straightener in a minute because my hair is getting so long now that it's becoming quite unnecessary especially when I know it's being pulled back soon anyway.

So this post is a little rambling because there are a lot of thoughts running through my mind but I'm so excited to share one of my current favorite outfits with you, so I don't want to wait any longer until I have a real awesome story for you.  Just sharing it anyway.  

Remember when the weather was so warm and we were (well, I was at least) counting down until I could pull my white shorts and jeans out of hiding for the year again?  Me, too.  That was fun.  And then we had a cold snap of unseasonably cool, but still really comfortable days...think 60s - not bad, but not what I was expecting.  There was also rain - lots of rain, so we resorted to taking photos in the garage.  This was hubs' idea, but frankly, I kind of like the lattice background and the lighting in the garage (aka the sunlight) a little better than indoors anyway - especially on a dreary day.  

Because it was so cool for a couple of days, I pulled out my favorite skinny jeans and old ballet flats that are tried and true (I couldn't wear these while pregnant and almost thought I wouldn't be able to fit them again.  Thank goodness the swelling really does go down.)

I mixed it with this fun gray striped top by Stylus from JC Penney and a black and white striped scarf that my sister got me for Christmas.  You know, some people like to mix patterns and I just like to pile them on.  Stripes on stripes.  I actually do love this outfit so I was thankful for the cooler weather to be able to wear it.

The weather promises to be heating up soon though, so it might be so long for this little scarf for a while.  Until the fall, sweet scarf.  


  1. Your hair is cute in a pony tail and I had so many shoes I couldn't wear, I'm so glad to have them back!

    1. Thank you! I am thinking of trying something new with it this summer or fall - just haven't decided what! And yes - so glad to have all my shoes back!


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