Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What exactly is "thrift": on blogging as Thrift for Today

This old blog has been through many iterations since its birth back in 2012 (!)  I'm not even sure what made me decide to start a blog other than I really enjoyed reading other blogs and thought I would be able to to the same.  I knew that if I started it though, I wanted to keep up with it.

Once we got married, we really started to learn more and more about personal finance and being resourceful and I decided on the blog's current name, Thrift for Today.  Over time, the blog has certainly had its share of good times and not so awesome times - when I was posting fun things regularly and when I forgot it even existed.  And frankly, our lives have changed a lot since we started the blog and I often find myself wondering what to do next.

Does Thrift for Today really fit anymore?  Should I start over and rebrand as something new?  I'm not sure there is a definite right answer here, after taking a look at the definition of thrift and asking myself just what exactly I enjoy about this blog, I realize that yes!  It does still fit.  It is still appropriate, and while I might not always be posting specifically about saving/managing money these days, thrift really is an undercurrent of so much that we do as a family.  And let's be real - I do not really have time to change this whole thing up right now.


So what then is "thrift"?  According to Google (above), it's the quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.  It's this last part that really affirmed my decision.  

Using [not only] money, but also other resources carefully and not wastefully.  When I think about all the resources that I have, money is certainly one of them, but I also think about time, material things, our home, our social and relational capacity, and so on.  All of these are things that I want to be intentional about using wisely and well - without being wasteful or ever taking them for granted.

I hope that you see that in a little bit of all of my posts - whether they are simple recipes of things that we eat around here in order to eat out less and/or be healthier, outfit posts of things that I'm wearing and feeling comfortable in as I'm going about my days, top five posts where I celebrate the things that are going on, or even stream of conscious life updates where I ramble on and on.  I hope that you see some intentionality in the things that we do around here.  

And so, we're keeping Thrift for Today just as she is and I'm feeling really excited about continuing on here.  I feel like I've gotten a second  third wind around here and I hope that you'll continue to follow along. 

I've got some exciting things planned upcoming on the blog.  Stay tuned for the following: 

1 - the introduction of monthly budget posts (where I'll share my purchases and budget each month - starting with May!)
2 - the continuation of easy recipes of things that I'm cooking over here (nothing earth shattering, but quick and simple things that you can make easily.)
3 - more what I wore posts because I really like to look back and see outfits in my closet that I really enjoy. 
4 - top 5 posts when I remember to take photos
5 - an update to our home photo tour - taking those photos has been on my to-do list for WEEKS!
6 - miscellaneous other life updates, product reviews, etc.  The tagline to the blog is "a little of this and a little of that", after all.  :)

Also, be sure to check out the link party page to see a list of parties that I might be linking to each week!

If there are specific posts that you enjoy or questions that you ever have, please feel free to comment and/or send me an email and we can see about also working those things in.  

I am so thankful for each of you regular readers and those of you that are new to the blog.  I'm happy that you're here and I sure hope you'll come back. 


  1. I always think of thrifting in terms of buying secondhand clothes (which I love, don't get me wrong)! But the term thrift really does mean purposeful, careful spending and applies to all areas of life!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Laura! I also think of secondhand stores when I think of thrifting!

  2. Mary Leigh, I love this post! For me I often am not thrifty in using my resources. I can easily fall into the habit of wasting time, wasting water, wasting food, etc. I need to be more conscious of my wasteful ways and be more thrifty! So thanks for the reminder.


  3. Thanks for stopping by, Shelbee! I try to always remember that our "resources" means more than just money. We have lots of other resources with which we can be intentional - time, energy, food, our homes, etc.


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