Friday, July 8, 2016

Budget Recap: June 2016

I feel a little late with this post this month, but I want to be sure to post it anyway.  Last month, I started posting budget recaps of the things that I purchased with my "fun budget" in the previous month.  If you're interested, you can check out May here.

Basically, hubs and I allocate $75 to each of us each month in a "fun budget" pool.  This amount is what we can each spend on things that are totally for us because we want it.  Since going through my closet post-partum, I've really been wanting to update my wardrobe with pieces that I love, make me feel confident and put together, and that I will get lots of wear out of.  In June, I spent most of my budget on that.

Sunglasses: $5.99 from Ross Dress for Less.  I don't have a photo of these, but they will definitely make an appearance soon.  They're my only pair, so if you see me in sunglasses in a photo, they're the ones.

Banana Republic tank top: $8.00

LOFT striped tunic top: $10.00
LOFT vintage soft tee: $6.00
Old Navy Mint shorts: $8.00
Esprit wedge sandals: $15.00
All these clothes were purchased second hand from Clothes Mentor

Lunch at Chick-Fil-A with friend: $6.78

TOTAL FROM FUN BUDGET (with tax): $63.34

Panera Bread: Latte and bagel - $6.06 with gift card

I was really happy with how I spent my money in June.  We also had our anniversary, so we went out a few times, which was fun.  One little trick that I tried which was really helpful this month was to wait until close to the end of the month to spend.  That was great in the last week or so because I knew that we were so close to July that I really didn't need to spend anything else.  Also, I really love all of the pieces that I bought and have worn them several times.  I've started shopping almost exclusively for my clothes at Clothes Mentor because they have all my favorite brands at an affordable price and it is so convenient to go to one store rather than the mall.  I can shop quickly and efficiently, which is really important to me these days.

How did you do with your budget in June?  Any big purchases that you are looking forward to this month?


  1. I'm making a huge move to California next month so I'm trying to save and scrimp every single penny I make. Cause I'm steadily finding out that moving is HELLA expensive lol I love this post. I should be more like you and be more regimented about what I spend. Thank you for coming to this week's Fiesta Friday :-D

  2. You got some really great stuff!!! <3<3<3


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