Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Budget Recap: July 2016

I may not be keeping up with much else on the blog these days (lots of drafts going on behind the scenes though!), but I am keeping up with these budgeting posts.  If you missed the first two, you can find them here and here.

Basically, hubs and I have allocated $75 of "fun money" or "fun funds" if you prefer each month that we are able to spend how we please.  This is a fun way for me to document what I bought - and then allow me to look back to see if it was worth it after the fact.

July seems a little bit like a blur to me to be honest.  I didn't buy very much and it feels like it flew by.  But, it also feels like July 4th holiday was so long ago.  It's funny how time works that way.

You're here for the purchases though, I know.

I picked up this pair of sandals from Target so that I would have a pair of flat sandals to wear that look nicer than my crocs (my go-to).  They are regularly $15.99, but I scored them on a deal and was able to use a coupon code online to get them for just $10.94.  I like them, but they rub a little on the back of my foot when I wear them for a long time.  I think they just need to be broken in though.  I have had this sandal in years past from Target, so I think I'll end up getting lots of use from these shoes. 


I also picked up two of these super soft and comfy tees from Target - one in navy and one in an off white gray-ish color.  These are regularly $9, but were on sale for 2/$10 which is cheaper than the tees I find at Clothes Mentor, so they came home with me.  They are currently on sale for 2/$16 which is still $1 off each.  They are really versatile, so I definitely recommend them if you're looking for plain, fitted tees.

Lastly, I took my baby sister out to lunch to celebrate her engagement in July.  We went to one of my favorite restaurants and it was fun.  It cost $26.

And that's really it from the fun budget.


- Hubs got a $10 off $10 groupon coupon which he used to buy a voucher for a local pizza place where we had dinner.  The groupon was for a $20 value and since the pizza we shared was less than $20 it ended up being free.

- We went out with friends to celebrate another engagement, which was lots of fun and came out of our date budget.

- We spent the morning as a family at a free science museum in town and went out for lunch after - also out of the date budget.

Overall it was a really fun month and I feel happy with the things that I got.  You might be seeing a pattern here in what I like to spend my $$ on though - clothes and treats.  Almost always.

We are going to a wedding this month and I am hoping to buy a new dress.  I'm also hoping to buy some cute athletic clothes since that part of my wardrobe is a little limited but we'll see.

What did you buy in July?  And spending goals for August?

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  1. I LOVE when those Target t-shirts go on sale in the summer - I have 6 colors and I wear them constantly!! So glad you got in on that deal! :)


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