Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Little slept through the night.

Y'all.  This is big time over here.  I'm coming to you refreshed and fully awake after our Little slept through the night for the first time in his life last night.  Not the "sleeping through the night" that the internet tells you can mean 5 hours straight (which is also great, so no complaints), but the whole night.  Like, I only got out of my bed once to use the bathroom, not to check on baby.  So this morning, I feel like this:

How Your Best Friend Makes Life Better, Even When You Really Don't Want Them To (GIFS)

It may or may not be a fluke.  But it happened and this morning, I am rejoicing in it.  I'm watching his little feet moving on the monitor (and actually ready for him to be awake now), and I am just so proud.  You did it, sweet thing!

We've had our share of back and forth successes in the sleep department around here, so we are celebrating today.  I'm writing it in the baby journal so we don't forget!

Rest is a glorious thing.  Am I right?


  1. Cheers to that girl!! The first time Andi did this was on Mother's day last year and I remember thinking that no gift will ever top that! Haha

  2. Hurray! A good night of sleep can do wonders! Our daughter didn't sleep through the night until 6 months old. It was rough!

  3. Hooorayy!! The first full night of sleep is so glorious!

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