Saturday, January 23, 2016

2016 Goals: for my personal and blog life

Happy New Year [almost] a month late, my friends.  What a new year it has been.  So much has happened since this post last year where I shared my goals and plans for the new year.  Of course the biggest change from 2015 is that we are now a family of 3 (!!!)  So three cheers for that.  I am learning so much this year already as we adjust to our new roles as parents, going back to work, and taking care of a little.

Realizing it's a month after the fact, I'd like to share some of my personal and blogging goals for the new year - mostly because if I write them out on the internet, I'll keep them, right?  (right...)  And we're snowed in this weekend, so what better time to get back online?

Happy New Year glitter

Thrift for Today Blog Goals for 2016
Really, there are just some basic things I would really like to take care of on the blog.  I've learned that while I like to post consistently (and I think that's important to growing the blog), this can be tricky since sometimes when we're living in the most blogworthy times, stopping to post about them can be tough.  So, with that, I'd like to accomplish the following on the blog this year:

1 - Create a new header.   And I'm open to your ideas about how to go about that.  I want something simple, but something pretty and not too flashy.

2 - Update our "home" photos.  Just because they are really outdated.  I mean, we have a nursery now.  And no more pink walls.

3 - Blog more consistently.  Maybe at least once a week.  I think I can. I think I can.  This is a really fun outlet and I love to keep up with what you all are doing also, so I would really love to get to work on this front.  I've got a few post ideas bouncing around in my head, but getting them down isn't always the easiest.