Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day Recap 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Valentine's Day yesterday.  We had a great time over here; we didn't do anything fancy, but we did spend the whole day indulging in little treats that we all love!

Little and I started our day at the library for some storytime followed by a quick trip to our favorite donut place for some sweet treats.  (He knows how to say donut now and may or may not have been asking for them all week.)

Lucky for me (perhaps a little Valentine's gift), Little took a wonderful, easy two hour nap once we got home and had a late lunch of heart shaped quesadillas.  I was way too excited about these, but he loved them.  I just used a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut the tortilla shells before cooking.  So easy and sweet.   

Hubs came home early with flowers, which I always like (both the flowers and the coming home early) and we went out for pizza after.  

Heart shaped pizza is a thing and we've been eating it on Valentine's day for years.  (This was actually our 10th Valentine's Day together.  We weren't officially dating for our first, but he did officially ask me to be his valentine, so it counts.)

After dinner, we came home and got the Little in bed and enjoyed some tv and yummy ice cream.  Nothing fancy, but just what we loved.

I hope everyone's day was full of love!


  1. I love heart shaped food :) Glad you had a great Valentines Day!

    1. Yes! Heart shaped everything! I told my husband that we should just get a new heart shaped treat each year!

  2. Such a sweet day! Easy Valentine's Days are my favorite. Amazingly, I didn't know heart shaped pizza existed, lol. I did get my heart shaped Boberry biscuit last week, though!

    1. We've been getting the heart shaped pizzas since college! I recommend Papa John's. The bo-berry is on my list for next year!


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