Monday, February 13, 2017

What's on our plate: Weekly meal plan [2]

Forgive the tardiness of this post, friends.  This weekend was a little roller coaster for our family and I'm catching up this week.  My uncle is in the hospital and so we were there quite a bit and traveled to visit my in-laws for family birthday celebrations.  The celebrations were fun, but the hospital wasn't.  I spent lots of time in a car, my first night away from my Little, and managed to get a whopping three hours of sleep on Sunday morning before heading back down to rejoin my in-laws.  My uncle is still in the hospital currently on comfort care only and it is just really sad.  

I don't have a ton to say about it on the blog because so much of the hard things about this deal with family and I want to be respectful and sure not to broadcast everyone else's stories here.  But, it is hard and sad and exhausting.  We would love your prayers for peace and comfort and rest during this time. 

That said, we are still cooking around here and taking time to meal plan is a part of my regular routine anyway so I want to be sure to share it with you all.  (These lists are not only a way to tell what we're eating for dinner, but also a reminder to me of all the things I need to take photos of to share with you so you can throw these easy meals together for your family also.)  I want to encourage you that meal planning doesn't have to be so difficult.  

Also, that salad in the picture above was not for dinner, but was for my lunch.  It's is a DELICIOUS sweet kale salad and comes in a salad kit bag from our local Sam's Club although I've also seen and eaten them from Food Lion.  I like both.  I try to eat really healthy during the day as dinner is our biggest meal here.

Monday: Tacos
Tuesday: Valentine's Day - so I'm hoping we go out!  :)
Wednesday: BBQ chicken breasts
Thursday: Pork chops
Friday: Cheeseburger sliders - we ended up not having these last week because we needed to eat up our leftovers.  

What are you eating this week?  Please share.  I am always looking for new ideas.  

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your uncle! Praying for you and your family! Love that you make meal plans! We do too and it really helps with our grocery spending to plan it all out! We just made white chicken chili in the crockpot and it was delicious!

    1. Thanks, Laura! We definitely plan out our meals. It makes shopping and actually getting cooked meals on the table during the week so much easier! I need to try white chicken chili - I've never had it and I've heard so many people that like it.

  2. Thinking about ya'll and the news of your uncle! So sorry to hear that!

    SO happy you said you can find that at Food Lion - fingers crossed its at ours bc I seriously want that asap! Yum!


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