Monday, February 20, 2017

What's on our plate: Weekly Meal Plan [3]

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend.  Hubs has off of work today, we we are pumped to have an extra day at home with him!  This weekend was packed full - we traveled to my hometown on Saturday for my Uncle's funeral, which was sad but also really nice to see so many of my relatives in one place. 

The weather was perfect the whole weekend though - 70s and sunny.  Unseasonably warm for February, but my favorite, so I didn't complain one little bit.  We played outside as much as we could, I got fun new pillows for our front porch bench, and we got some work done around the house.  It's good to start the week feeling prepared. 

I thought that I would change things up a little with these meal plan posts after realizing that I've titled all of them "What's on our plate", and use these posts for a little bit of a life update and looking forward to the week.  I'll be sharing some of what's on our plates for the week not just as it relates to food - although because we work hard to meal plan consistently, it will always include food.

 I'm really hoping that this is a slow week for us.  Little has got a runny nose in the past couple of days and we have been traveling each weekend for the whole month.  Only to our hometowns, but it's still a little bit of a haul when you're trying to balance nap times, packing for Little, etc.  (Another reason we are pumped to have Daddy home today - a bonus family relaxation day!)  So we are trying to rest this week. 

We have quite a few small tasks on our list for today - but they are things around the house that we can work on as a team that will make the rest of our week easier - cooking breakfast muffins, cleaning and organizing some things, etc.  

We have small group bible study at our house on Tuesday nights, but that is the only thing on our calendar this week in the evenings.  Little and I have our regular weekday activities, but I plan to be really intentional to focus on resting even with him.  

I'm traveling this weekend again to a wedding shower for my baby sister on Saturday night.  It's just over an hour away,  but since it's in the evening, Hubs is staying home with the Little to be sure he can still get to bed on time and can have the weekend at home.  

Finally, today is my dad's birthday.  He's turning 59 and I was thankful to be able to spend time with him this past weekend.  He is such a wonderful Daddy to me and I'm so glad to have him as Pa for my Little.  We love him so much.  

In the kitchen this week:
Sunday: We went to Moe's for lunch since I had a Buy 1/Get 1 burrito deal on the app and cooked BBQ chicken for dinner

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