Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Budget Baby: Saving Money by shopping consignment for kids' clothes

I think we can all agree that having a baby changes some things in your budget.  That said, there are several ways that you can tweak things in your budget and find ways to spend less, yes, even save money when buying things for baby.

One of the things that we do around here that I think saves us quite a bit of money is buying almost all of Little's clothes via consignment.  I'm hoping that I can share a few of the other budget friendly things we do together, but for today I just want to share my most recent clothing haul with you all.

My favorite store to shop for Little is Once Upon a Child (this is not a sponsored post, I just really like shopping there).  Like most consignment stores, they buy gently used children's clothes, toys, and other gear and resell it for a fraction of retail.  There are several other stores, but I've always found that I can easily get into OUAC and find what I'm looking for.  To see if there is a OUAC near you - see here.

Twice a year, they have a "bag sale" where they provide customers with a shopping bag that you can fill with as many clearance clothing items as you can for just $15.  Little has enough clothes this year and so I took the time this year to buy things in the next size up, which I think will be perfect for him for the fall and next winter.  Last year at this sale, I bought him some 12-18 month items, which he could fit last year and he's wearing many of them again this year.  This year, I purchased 24 month and 2T sized items that are too big currently.  (I also bought one sweater that I thought was so handsome in size 3T because I loved it and if fit in the bag.)  I even picked up a few baby girl things for a good friend whose little girl was born the day after Little's first birthday.

Here was my bag before I checked out:

I also picked up some shoes that weren't a part of the bag sale, but they were just $3.50 and 15% off in great shape, so they came home with me.

Here's what Little got:

And here are the girl things:

 I'll admit though, I was totally out of my element shopping for baby girl things.  I'm so used to just grabbing tops and jeans and khakis and sweats for Little and I felt compelled to give more thought to what might match with the little girl things.  Anyone with boys and girls feel this way?  But, anyway, can I just get a little appreciation for the bows on those jeans?  Or the little ruffle skirt on the athletic shorts?  So sweet.  So so sweet.

I got 40 items in total to fit in my bag, again for just $15.  You really can't beat it.  

But maybe you don't live close to a Once Upon a Child.  I'd encourage you to also check social media for other consignment sales near you.  We have saved so much money by buying Little's clothes second hand and frankly, I think he is adorable.  Don't buy into the myth that second hand necessarily means second rate.  Also, don't buy into the myth that your little one needs to be a baby model at the park.  In my limited experience, the clothes get messy no matter how expensive they were.  :)

(I also do scan the clearance racks at retail stores from time to time and there are some great deals to be had there as well if you catch it at the right time.)

What tips do you have for saving money on kids' clothes?  What stores do you like to shop to find the best deals? 


  1. Kids grow out of their clothes so fast, there is no point in paying a lot for them. Not to mention the mess they make, haha! I also love Once Upon A Child.

    pumps and push-ups

  2. I love love love OUAC, but the one "near" us isn't open yet. It's about an hour and a half away, but you'd better believe we'll shop it when it opens!


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