Monday, March 20, 2017

Finding my focus - how instagram sharpened my focus | Plus a Major Announcement - New Blog Coming Soon!

I quietly celebrated five years of blogging over on Thrift for Today recently.  It's crazy, I know - five whole years.  Some years (2013) have certainly been more productive than others and I've learned a little bit a long the way.  

One of the things that I haven't always been the most consistent about with the blog is the use of social media - which I know doesn't make a ton of sense, but I never wanted to mingle my personal social media accounts with the blog in an effort not to be spammy to people that didn't want to follow and also to keep private things in our lives private.  I want to keep things real but still protect the privacy of my friends and family who haven't chosen to put themselves out there on such public forums.  It's a balance, you know.  

That said, I did FINALLY create an Instagram account for the blog and today I wanted to share a little bit about how that has helped me to rethink my blog and my purpose in this space.  If you're not following along, I'd encourage you to since it's so much easier to keep up with the day to day happenings over here.  You can find me here.

I have connected with so many lovely people in the last few months and I've loved getting to more easily share the day to day things in our life.

This increased sharing - and seeing what everyone else is sharing has allowed me to really sharpen my focus and understand better the things that I want to share and write about in the blog world.

I started Thrift for Today during a time when Hubs and I were just engaged and beginning to plan our life together.  We were just starting out and we made such an effort to always find the best deals, learn about ways to better manage our money, and tips & tricks to help us out - it was so much fun.

And while that's still an important part of our lives, it's not really a part that I am always very passionate about sharing on the blog.  There are only so many articles I can think to write about on ways to save money, but my biggest tip isn't even that fun or groundbreaking.  One of the biggest ways we save money around here is to just not go shopping.

What I really want to do with my blog is to encourage others.  I want to encourage you all to make choices that will allow you to live well in all areas of your life - physically, mentally, and spiritually - and to do it in community sharing with others.  Life is fun, my friends!

And with all of that, I've decided to start a new blog that will launch in April - Live Well Play Together.  I've already pulled some of the content from Thrift for Today and have a whole list of content ideas for Live Well Play Together.  

To say that I am excited for this move is an understatement.  I am feeling refocused and more energized than ever before when it come to blogging and engaging with readers.  

Of course there are days when I start to feel a little nostalgic over how far Thrift for Today has come, but I really think this move is for the best  - I think you'll really like it!  

So, what does that mean for Thrift for Today?

Oh, I've thought about this one long and hard.  I love this space and I really love you readers.  I thought about just redirecting this site over so that anytime you clicked a link or typed thriftfortoday into your browser, you would just be redirected to Live Well Play Together.  But, to be honest I didn't really like the feel of that.  There is so much here that really is Thrift for Today and I kind of want to keep it that way.  So, Thrift for Today will stay around.  BUT, if you want to keep following for new updates and posts, you'll need to head over to Live Well Play Together in the future.

What to Expect from the New Site
Some of the same and some new things.  It's still me on the new site, guys.  If you enjoy reading Thrift for Today, you will enjoy Live Well Play Together, promise.  But there are a few things that I'm really excited about that I think will bring even more value to you:

  • A more regular posting schedule
    • I've been putting a ton of thought into this and have lots of posts already planned out to share with you all and I'm excited to post more regularly so you'll know when to expect a new post and you will be getting those posts more often.  
  • More interaction with me
    • I've also cleaned out my inbox in preparation for the move and have been intentional about checking and responding to email much more frequently.  That means, if you leave a comment, or send a note, you can expect to hear back from me more quickly. 
    • You can also sign up to receive updates from Live Well Play Together, which will give you even more ways to connect!
  • Fun and Encouragement
    • My main goal with the new site is to be an encouragement to my readers.  I hope you'll come to the Live Well Play Together and leave feeling refreshed and encouraged.
I love to share my life with you all and I am so appreciative to those of you who have followed along with me so far.  I hope that you'll continue to stick around and join me soon over at Live Well Play Together - because life really is more fun when we do it together!  


  1. yay!! New and exciting things for you for sure - looking forward to it!! xo

  2. Congrats on all those years of blogging, and the exciting news about the new site! Can't wait to follow along!

  3. Yay for a new blog! I did this last year when I created "The Zinn Life." I did a lot of the same things - kept the old blog, started a whole new one and I have a (mostly) regular schedule I follow of Tues, Wed and Friday. Happy 5 years and I'm so excited to see your new blog!!

  4. Congrats on the new site! It was so smart of you to set expectations and goals for your new blog before officially kicking it off. Sometimes I struggle with all of the things you listed and it would probably be a good idea for me to sit down and plan more.

  5. Just found your blog! and love it! and so excited you decided to do another one! I will be following along!

    Lisa @ Showered With Design


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